This is your Chance to find out how you can use your computer and the Internet to make you an Automated Income long term.

From the desk of: Nathan Bailey: CEO/Founder of
I can probably guess what you’re thinking… Another “Get Rich Quick” scheme that ends up costing you a fortune. And as you know, "get rich" book & tape sets, infomercials and expensive seminars are everywhere you turn. And, at the end of the day - when the hype dies and the dust settles - all you're left with is a bunch of hand-written notes, a pile of ideas and dreams...but still no cash, and your not closer to becoming successful and living your dreams. Let me help you break that cycle. You absolutely have nothing to lose and everything to gain because my system is for those that qualify can pay little to no money out of pocket to get started. Yes that’s right Very Little or No Money directly out of your own pocket. Right now you are probably already costing yourself a fortune anyway by not taking action and plugging yourself into something that will generate money to supplement or potentially replace your current income.

You can maximize your potential earning your income on the Internet & EBay using my powerful and proven system” The Auction Accelerator” ™. It has never been easier to make money on the Internet. My system “The Auction Accelerator”™ is designed to produce results with the help of Personalized Proactive-Reactive one-on-one education at your pace around your schedule to give you the hands on experience and solid business background you need to reach your life and financial goals, conveniently, around your time frame or schedule, from home on EBay and the Internet, from anywhere in the world. I am so confident my system will work for you that I am going to let you try it for FREE. All I ask from you is to let me use your success story and case study’s for further marketing purposes. Understand that I am not looking for someone who is already experienced at making money on the Internet & EBay or a computer wiz for that matter. I am looking for a blank slate, someone who is a beginner and new to computers. These are the types of people I have the most success with simply because they don’t already claim to “Know It All” and they do exactly as we show them and don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Not that we are not working with people who are experienced online seller’s who already run web business’s. Because in most cases we can usually help existing Web Based business owners make 1000% more than what they are currently making online now. But the proof is in the pudding. Let me show you

Here Is What You Will Learn:

  • How to easily get your own proffesional website/eBay sales portal without the hassel of learning html or how to be a web developer.
  • How to drive targeted traffic to your website by marketing with Google, Yahoo, You Tube, eBay, Amazon,,
  • How you can make a fulltime income on EBay on a part time basis.
  • How to Create and sell information.
  • How to aquire products at below wholesale price's
  • Secret Drop shipping sources that stock & ship the product FOR YOU. You don’t ever have to purchase or maintain inventory; just take the orders and the money! Wholesale, Drop Shipping and Liquidation Sources & Direct Manufactures that will sell directly to you, WAY BELOW WHOLESALE!
  • Drive “targeted” traffic to you’re Websites and EBay auctions using natural organic search engine techniques that all the experts don’t want you to know.
  • Save time – Avoid wasting you time and spinning your wheels. How to get maximized results every time.
  • Learn how to market and sell digital downloadable information products that cost you nothing to produce or ship and make huge Profit on the sales.• Access to the same secret sources eBay power sellers use to make huge profits!
  • Create “Talking Auctions” that will increase your response up to 30%
  • Turn Your Hobby into a healthy full-time income.
  • Drive traffic through EBay to your backend websites for huge profits.
  • Start a Rewarding business that gives you more free-time and more control over your life.
  • Work from home -- Work only when you want to. Work Smarter VS. Harder Work Less-Make More.
  • Create a HUGE customer list/database and retain these clients long-term so they will repeat purchase from you -- This alone is worth your time to find out how to use the entire system!

Here is all you have to do:

  • Step #1 Fill out my consultation profile for a free 30 min. consultation with one of my top EBay/Internet Marketing experts. This way we can quickly find out what system will work best for you (I promise.You wont be disappointed)
  • Step #2 Call our toll free hotline and talk to one of my experts and have them customize and design a program that fits your needs.



Here’s what real people like you are doing with my system.

“After three months of using the system, I became an eBay ‘Power Seller.’ I had sold over $1,000 each of the three months, but as busy as I was, I hadn’t realized what that meant until eBay contacted me about its ‘Power Seller’ program. You should see the looks I get from friends and family when I mention this to them!
“I’ve been on two vacations this year and was able to manage all sales just using the local library computers. That’s how easy this system works!!! One of the weeks that I was on vacation I made over $600.
-Constance Ray- Danville, IL-

Real Opportunity

Many people have called it the gold rush of our times. E-Commerce, Online Auctions and the internet have created more millions today than any other industry. It is a 172 Billion dollar industry growing at an annual increase of 27 % per year. Compare that with retail which is around a 3% average growth. EBay gets approximately 1.2 billion hits of traffic per month. Last quarter EBay as a company reported earnings of 1 billion dollars profit. And in 2005 sellers sold over 25 billion dollars in sales. EBay is the 4th most popular site on the Internet behind Google, Yahoo, and MSN. It allows everyone to reach almost everyone, world wide. The power it holds to expose a product or service creates a tremendous opportunity for those who learn to harness the power of this new e-commerce technology on the World Wide Web. With niche-marketing anyone has the ability to carve out their market share and create income. Many people have done this out of their house and run a one person business. Others have used the internet to increase sales in an already established business.

I have spent thousands of hours and over 10 years developing superior technological tools and sound education; designed to help those who want to make a living on the Internet. Our results have been tremendous. It’s amazing what people can achieve when they are educated and provided intelligent tools designed to sell products over the internet. We have helped small businesses become bigger, giving entrepreneurs the ability to take their dream and turn it into reality.

Here’s another amazing success story

    “I used to be a traveling representative for a tool manufacturer, using my skills to make money for someone else. Now, since I’ve been working with your company, I’m at home more often and I’ve gone to selling $20,000 a month to over $100,000 per month! Thanks to your systems and technology, my website is even part of’s automotive tools section.”
- Charlie

Remember This: money isn’t what holds people back. The Knowledge, Direction, Tools are the only thing holding you back from reaching your potential and the level of success you desire. And if your level of commitment factor to your success is one where you are wiling to do what the average person is not willing to do you will have for the rest of your life what it takes the average person their whole life to achieve. Ask yourself, Are you an average person or above average? Because if you feel you are above average I want to talk with you.

Would you like to become one of our success stories?


Another one of my clients had just graduated with degrees in Economics and Biology, but was not excited about finding work in his field. He really wanted to be his own boss. He turned to us to make this happen. I suggested that he sell something he was interested in. He decided on watches, and has found nearly instant success. “After college graduation, I wasn’t excited about available work in my field. With your help, I’m my own boss and make an average of $150,000 in sales per month!”-Zai-


In 2005 EBay auction sellers sold over 25 billion dollars in sales. Recently the popular TV show “60 Minutes” did an entire show on EBay and reported that over 400,000 people have quit their day jobs to work fulltime on EBay. They also reported the average income of these sellers was 40-50K a year. Chance’s are these people are not smarter than you. In fact you may already know some of these people. The only difference between them and you is they have the knowledge, direction and tools giving them the ability to take action. If you had an expert on the phone working with you showing you step by step how to do what really makes the money it’s going to be much easier for you to take action and feel like you have enough parachute to jump. You owe it to yourself to find out TODAY if this is for you. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take so if you are serious about changing your life and want to start working smarter vs. harder I would be tickled to death to take you under my wing and make YOU my next success story. Don’t put your life goals and dreams off another minute. Procrastination is the shallow unmarked grave where opportunity is buried.
Take the challenge find out how to get this once in a lifetime opportunity can start working for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Do you think that if you had the opportunity to work with EBay Certified Software Developers and EBay Certified Service providers you could have success with eBay?

Are you sick of making your boss rich and doing nothing for yourself? Are sick and tired of not getting ahead in life and just getting by? Are you in control of your financial situation or is your financial situation in control of you?


If you answered yes to that last question and you feel that you are at the time and place in your life where you’re ready to start taking control and making changes in a positive and very profitable direction. Then Don’t Put This Off! Your Worth It!

I strongly encourage you to Sign Up, fill out this profile and get my free consultation with an expert, Pick up the phone & Call one of my experts toll free and have them build the right system for you and find out today if this is something that will help you take control of your financial situation. LONG TERM.

Take the challenge find out how to get this once in a lifetime opportunity working for you. Once again, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I am looking forward to talking with you and helping you take the first steps toward success. Click on the "Get Started" Link below fill out the profile so we can get an accurate assessment of your Ideas,Goals, Capabilities, and help you decide if making money on eBay and The Internet is the right business for you. Right now I am working one-on one with a limited group of the most motivated people that my consultants will select for me to work with to create success stories for marketing purposes. So if you feel you would be an asset for me to work with, one on one, step by step, at your pace by all means let me know. I want to find out if you are someone who has the commitment factor and could be my next success story. Do be bashfull, let me know why I should choose "YOU" instead of someone else.

Many Successful Regards, & I look forward to talking to you soon.

Nathan Bailey