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Jim Cockrum has been selling on eBay and the Internet since 1997. He’s sold multiple millions of dollars of products and services and has been helping others start successful eBay and online businesses since 2000. He earns his livning from the Internet and he works full-time educating others on how to run successful Internet and eBay businesses.His free newsletter “Creative eBay Selling” is read by over 100,000 subscribers.He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, eBay radio, and in various news articles. He has been interviewed as a guest on several radio programs as an eBay business expert and has taught multiple seminars on eBay success.He is currently best known for his all time best selling eBay success eBook titled “The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay” that has been read by more people than any other eBay related eBook on the web. It is constantly being updated and has been a top seller on clickbank.com since 2002 and is loved by creative eBay sellers around the world.

Jim work's exclusively with Cashflow Mentoring with his Novice and advanced US and International clients due to our exceptional service and mentoring. Jim Cockrum shares the same ideals with Cashflow Mentoring and is currently looking to build testimonials and success stories through our business deveopment center and our vast resources. Go to www.jimcockrumcoaching.com to learn more

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