"The Risk of doing nothing is much greater than the risk of doing something so having a mentor or a coach can give you the confidence to take action" -CEO- CMC inc.-Nathan Bailey



There are many benefits to our unique mentoring systems. Working proactively with our students creates reactive results in jump starting an automated E-commerce business. Although the mentoring program is by invitation only to those who can meet the requirements and prerequisites. It is designed to eliminate the frustration and trial and error of setting up an automated stream of income. You owe it to yourself to qualify for the once in a lifetime opportunity to have an expert walk you through every step of the way and take you straight to making money online. Take the challenge today and get pre-qualified for the opportunity at no cost to you.You absolutely have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The only thing that is holding you back from waking up every morning, rolling out of bed into your home office and finding out that you had made money in your sleep is NOT HAVING THE KNOWLEDGE, DIRECTION AND TOOLS THAT YOU NEED TO BE A SUCCESS.



Some of our expert's include: Skip Mcgrath, Jim Cockrum, Mike Enos, Andrew Lock, Michael Kimble, Dan Kennedy, Dave Guindon, Tim Gross, Yanik Silver and many other's.

Mentoring is not for everyone. If your dont feel like your ready to take the step with coaching or mentoring take a look at our ebook store and start learning about profitable eBay and Internet Marketing technique's from master mentors for as low as .99 cents. GO TO OUR ONLINE EBOOK STORE

Could a personal mentor help you build and grow your eBay and online business?

From The Desk of: Nathan Bailey,

Let’s face it, Internet coaching has a spotty reputation. The early companies who started the online coaching business delivered a good service, but then too many fast-buck operators were attracted to the business. I have wanted to offer coaching for a long time. After looking at all of the companies that offered coaching, I decided the best way was to do it myself. So rather than rely on the outsourced coaching companies, I decided to set up my own program. I contacted a training company that would let me design my own program, train my own coaches and control the curriculum to provide a high-end educational system designed for newbies or Powersellers.I have trained a group of expert business coaches to help my clients who are serious about succeeding on the Internet get the in-depth skills and one-on-one training they need to make it happen.

*Is your eBay business struggling?

*Do you have trouble trying to find products that you can sell profitably on eBay?

*Do you want to do eBay full time--but are stuck and can't seem to make it grow?

*Do your auctions close at too low a price to make money or are you closing too few auctions?

*Do you struggle to get bids on your auctions?

*Do you know how to really use auction management software and systems to automate your business?

If your answer to any of the questions above was YES then maybe you need a mentor. You need some one-on-one guidance to help you build a bridge and get over "it".

At Cashflow Mentoring all of our coaches are certified eBay Consultants and Avid Internet Marketer's. Several coaches are actual eBay PowerSellers and all have been through the eBay Certified Education Specialist Program as well as SEO (Search engine Optimization) Certifications.

Unlike many coaching companies whose coaches don't really work on eBay and the Internet, these guys and gals do. All of them have their own Website's and eBay accounts and we also have set up an eBay account right in the office where our coaches can actually sell on eBay and we can use the account to train our new coaches. Also, the coaches are also in house and in the same office with our software developers that build our research and eBay automation software as well as our website and search marketing experts to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies.

I work with author's and mentors the have been an eBay PowerSellers and sold on the Internet for many years.Like eBay celebrity Skip Mcgrath who's best month on eBay has sold over $95,000—and averages over $25,000 a month over a full year in eBay sale's. That works out to $300,000 in sales per year. I know there are people who sell much more on eBay, but they are large operations with employees and large amounts of money to invest. Skip does this all from home with very little upfront money—and you can too! Skip has also written several best-selling books on eBay and each month publishes the eBay Seller's News, a monthly newsletter for professional eBay sellers. Hundreds of people have paid thousands to attend his eBay selling seminars. Skip enjoys helping people and making them successful, but most importantly, Skip sells on eBay every day so we know what works and what doesn't.

I have many of the top expert's personally train the expert business coaches at Cashflow Mentoring to help the clients who are serious about succeeding on eBay and the Internet get the in-depth skills and one-on-one training they need to make it happen.

Besides coaching we provide you with the research tools, eBay launching tools, in-depth training, techniques and one-on-one personal coaching to help super charge your eBay business and expand into a true multi-channel e-commerce business.

To get you maximizing your profit on eBay, we will also provide a website-builder to help you set up a web site and teach you how to cross-market between eBay and your own personal web site.

Can Personal Coaching really help you?
Whether you are an experienced business person or just starting out, our knowledge, direction and tools can help you do the same things the top eBay power sellers are doing to increase market share, expand their customer base and increase their profit potential. I have worked with the coaches --many who are experienced eBay PowerSellers, to develop the strategies and techniques to make anyone successful if they have the underlying talent and the drive to succeed.

• Would you like to close more eBay auctions?
• Would you like to increase sales while lowering your fees and operating costs?
• Have you found the right products to sell --or is the competition killing you?
• Are you getting the results you want from an existing eBay business or web site?
• Would you like to expand beyond just auctions and open your business to the power of the Internet, but you're not certain how to proceed?
It's not enough to do it -- you have to do it right !
What can Coaching do for you?

We give you access to a personal coach --an eBay seller with the know-how and experience to help you make your business more successful and help you collect all that money that you may be leaving out on the table that you could be putting back into your pockets.

If you are accepted as a member of the Internet Success Team, you will:

Learn how the pro's run auctions

Practice the auction and marketing techniques that work today --not last year

Know how to stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with the rapid changes in auctions and Internet marketing

Learn how to research and find a profitable eBay business niche

Gain confidence, learn new skills and make money!

Learn how to turn lookers into bidders and buyers

Learn three powerful techniques that will increase your auction final values by 30%

Learn to create winning eBay listings

Learn the techniques that can make your digital photos look like they were taken by a pro

Learn how to find dozens of free resources to help build your auction business

Learn how, what and where to find products to sell on eBay at a profit

Learn how to find manufactures who will drop ship products directly to your customers (forget those Dropshipping middlemen --no one makes money with them)

Learn how to make an extra $10 on every eBay sale

Learn how to save hours a day by automating your business

Learn how to make money on shipping and insurance without upsetting your customers

Learn how to expand your eBay business to other channels such as Overstock.com, Yahoo Stores, Amazon and your own personal web site.

Learn how to create an e-commerce web site in less than two hours

Learn how to double your profits by mastering the art of the up-sell

Learn how to sell goods for others on consignment --and they pay the fees

Learn how you could use auctions to launch a powerful long-term BUSINESS!
How does it all work?
Your personal coach will take a proven curriculum of successful principles and apply them to the particular needs of your venture - to your own particular background, experience, and needs. Together, you and your coach will take the latest and most effective ideas and implement them into your business.

Whatever your individual needs may be, your coach will assist in helping you to build the type of business you’ve always dreamed of. This is not a canned program. Every client is different. We will tailor a program exactly to your needs –and you budget.

How do I get started?
Are you extremely serious about creating a long term auctions business online? This is a very small program. We keep the coaching group small to insure quality. So we can only take on a few students at a time.

How much does it cost?
It depends. Everyone is different. Everyone has different levels of skill and experience. One person may need a longer period of intensive one-on-one coaching, while another may just need a little bit of help --and others something in-between. After an initial free consultation, we will tailor a program to your individual needs. That is the beauty of our program. You are not getting some formula program designed for everyone --we work with your skill set, your experience and your schedule. Whether you can work full-time or part time is up to you.

Don't worry --this isn't one of those "high-pressure" deals. You will be treated with dignity and respect, and we will not offer you a program if we don't think you can succeed. I would rather have a small number of happy successful participants that hundreds of unhappy ones.

To speak to a Cashflow Mentoring Coaching Specialist and see if you qualify, call 1-800-578-3449. We only have enough coaches to take a few students at a time. One of our coaching specialists will conduct a short phone interview to determine if you could benefit from this exciting and limited program.

Take the first step towards financial freedom. Call 1-800-578-3449 today to see if you qualify. If you are calling after business hours, just leave a message with a number and a good time to call back.

Remember our guarantee. If you do the work, follow through and stay committed to your business we will keep working with you until you are successful.

P.S. I will be offering some free bonus's to you whether or not my coaching program is a fit for you so call in and take advantage of my free consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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