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Success with eBay
“After three months of using your products, I became an eBay Power Seller.”
“At age 55 I faced a devastating divorce and the possibility of losing my home. I knew I needed to bring in additional money to supplement my now-single income. I’m an intelligent lady and I knew that if others can make a living from their home, there is no reason that I can’t either.
“Then I discovered the Bright Builder System".
“What a whirlwind time I had taking classes over the telephone to learn about developing my business plan; submitting my site to search engines; obtaining all of the federal, state, and county permits/registration numbers; while at the same time working at my day job and maintaining a household. I was thrilled; in less than two months I was on the WWW and eBay selling my merchandise.
“In the beginning, I really didn’t have a passion about what I wanted to sell. Whatever I could discover that would put some extra cash in my purse would be my next true love. After doing some searches on eBay to find some ‘hot selling’ items, I soon fell in love with hammocks and arbors. “After three months of using the system, I became an eBay ‘Power Seller.’ I had sold over $1,000 each of the three months, but as busy as I was, I hadn’t realized what that meant until eBay contacted me about its ‘Power Seller’ program. You should see the looks I get from friends and family when I mention this to them!
“I’ve been on two vacations this year and was able to manage all sales just using the local library computers. That’s how easy this system works!!! One of the weeks that I was on vacation I sold over $600.
“I’m using the dropship warehouses and am delighted with the opportunity to offer a larger selection of items to customers.
“Thank you, and all of the people Cashflow Mentoring & Bright Builders, for making my life ‘Brighter’!”

Constance Ray- Danville, IL


A Creative Road to Success
“What started out to be a fun, informational site became more successful than I’d ever imagined!”
“For most of my professional life, I have been interested in computers, but never even got close to bringing my business onto the Web—until I found Bright Builders.
“It was like a door opening for me! From the very beginning, it was a great, fun adventure for me. I read the tutorial, then began putting together my website.
“I realized that family history was a passion of mine and that it was a big interest item on the Net. I took a slow, thoughtful approach and what started out to be a fun, informational site became more successful than I’d ever imagined! Bright Builders was most helpful in the few technical questions that I had, and particularly so in their great site marketing tactics. The exciting new income my website has generated in just a few short months has given me a sense of personal satisfaction.
“A very unexpected but welcome side business has grown for me—simply by sharing how happy I am with my new Web friends! One of my site visitors had a broken website and was impressed with how nice my site looked. I told her I could get her hosting moved to a great company and that I could build a website to her specifications for a low fee.
“As a business owner, she was excited to have control over her own site, instead of being at the mercy of some busy HTML guy with his high prices and slow response time. She gladly paid me 75% of what she’d paid the HTML expert, and was delighted. She has since referred me to two other businesses for similar work. Talk about easy money! It’s fun!
“I’ve never sold anything before in my life, except maybe Scout candy bars. I feel my life has a bright new flower on the vine now. I can create an exciting, fun Web business. I can help people, make friends, sell products, and enjoy the sweet taste of success. Thank you, Bright Builders!”

Paul -Springville, UT



Here are some more stories of successful students that have used our powerful E-systems

One of our top clients served as a representative for a top manufacturer of tools until he decided to open his own tool store on the web. Initially, he selected another Internet hosting and shopping cart provider. He struggled to make his business successful, but couldn’t seem to make any headway. Then he found us. Through using our tools and services, he began to enjoy dramatic success.

Today, this client makes an average of $100,000 per month in sales. He says: “Since I switched to Cash flow Mentoring & Bright Builders, my profit has increased 100-fold. I highly recommend Cash flow Mentoring & Bright Builders to anyone or any business looking for Internet-related support.”

“I used to be a traveling representative for a tool manufacturer, using my skills to make money for someone else. Now, since I’ve been with Bright Builders, I’m at home more often and I’ve gone from making $20,000 a month to over $100,000 per month! Thanks to Bright Builders, my website is even part of’s automotive tools section.”- Charlie

 Another Success Story
Another of our clients had just graduated with degrees in Economics and Biology, but was not excited about finding work in his field. He really wanted to be his own boss. He turned to us to make this happen. The client’s coach suggested that he sell something he was interested in. He decided on watches, and has found nearly instant success. Today, he is his own boss and makes an average of $10,000 in sales per month.

“After college graduation, I wasn’t excited about available work in my field. With your help, I’m my own boss and make an average of $150,000 in sales per month!”-Zai

More example's of how our students are cornering their niche' online

One of our clients had a natural talent for wood working, and had dabbled in selling hand-made items on the Internet. After some time, he realized that gavels were his highest selling item. He poured his time and energy into carving a market niche in the gavel industry, and was rewarded with a lot of business. However, his website did not have a shopping cart. Because processing orders manually is time consuming, his lack of a shopping cart soon began to slow his business potential.

Our client turned to Bright Builders for help. He is very pleased with the shopping cart and reliable hosting services he now has. Now he can spend more time working in his craft and expanding his business, and less time taking orders manually. He makes an average of $15,000 in sales each month, with a high of $20,000 last month.

“What began as a hobby has now become my full-time dream. With a Bright Builder website, I make an average of $15,000 per month. Just last month, I made over $20,000 working on my hobby!” Dave -

You too, can flourish within the ever growing e-commerce marketplace. We are looking forward to helping you become one of our next success stories! Call us now 1 (800) 578-3449

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